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What clients have fed back to me. Some have been kept anonymous for privacy purposes.

"Yara has had an immeasurable impact on my personal and professional life at a time which felt the most challenging and uncertain for me. I had been to see other practitioners in the past, but none offered the immediate warmth, kindness and connection that Yara provided. Being in her sessions offered me space and a chance to pause - importantly within an environment that felt incredibly safe and supportive. The growth and progress in my life since seeing Yara has been significant. With her help, I have a clearer understanding of myself, I’ve rediscovered my own strengths and now have a solid foundation to build my life on. I am truly grateful to Yara for her patience and support."Sally Gillanders

“Working with Yara has been a transformative experience and I am very grateful for finding her. Yara’s wisdom, intuition, compassion and engagement is incredible and I love her holistic approach. The sessions with Yara have given me tools for mental well-being and helped me understand the underlying reasons for feelings, thinking patterns and behaviours. Yara has an incredible understanding of the mind and I left every session in awe of her wisdom and ability to understand the human mind and help me understand myself. Highly recommend Yara for anyone, who wants to understand their own mind better and work with an incredibly skilled, compassionate and intuitive counsellor. THANK YOU Yara for the incredible work you do.” M

“From the moment I contacted Yara I knew instantly from her warm & caring response that this was the perfect psychotherapist/counsellor for me.
Working together with Yara has been a tremendously empowering, positive, easing experience & has granted me with not only the tools to continue our work beyond our sessions but also the confidence to apply the techniques & approaches I have learnt from Yara to everyday life. Yara has always made me feel very comfortable, at ease & relaxed & has always made me feel that I can be nothing but open with her. Yara has an infallible technique for listening to every word that is said & effortlessly engages with every word that is said. I really felt listened too & even more so, understood. Yara positively inspired me to disclose my feelings & thoughts without any pressure & welcomed anything & everything I had to say - she abolished any fears I had & really allowed me & encouraged me to make our time together my space. I looked forward to our sessions as I knew that each week I would always get something positive out of them & would always have something to take away from them that would contribute to improving my approach to life. Yara has a very calming & soothing presence & even with the challenges of having to conduct our sessions via zoom due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Yara was able to emulate such authenticity & depth that it felt as though we were physically in the room together. I always felt I could truly be myself with her & that is something I will always treasure.
Words aren’t really enough to describe & convey just how much my time spent with Yara has meant to me & how much it has benefited my mental well-being. Taking that first step & reaching out for Yara’s help has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I felt quite helpless without Yara & now after working together I feel so elated, that the chains I felt so weighed down by are lifted & I can achieve anything. Thank you so much Yara” I cannot thank you enough for your help nor explain the privilege it has been to meet you and benefit from your wonderful guidance, you are someone who has made a huge impact on my life and I will always be grateful and happy to have met you” Sophie Archer

I am grateful that I found you to help me listen to what I was feeling inside.
I find it extraordinary that another human being (you) is able to give so much focus, energy and thought to another (me) whom they have never met before and don’t know (initially).
Your capacity for sharing what I felt during sessions, for feeling what I was feeling is really amazing. You have a deep understanding of the pain people feel, you have love for humanity and the wisdom to help people help themselves.

I cannot recommend Yara highly enough. Like many people I had put off talking to someone for years which was such a mistake. Yara has made a massive impact on my life, I feel happier, stronger and better. It has been a wonderful experience and I cannot thank her enough.
John Clougherty

Thank you for helping me navigate a very difficult time in my life, and for giving me tools to better advocate for myself both at home and at work. Your calm, open and non-judgemental approach allowed me to explore and address issues from my past and my present so that I could move forward into a better, stronger future. I learnt so much about myself and will always be grateful to you for facilitating that

You have been incredible. I am so glad I found you. You have truly challenged my long held belief that there must be something wrong with me. Your ability to do this is like some other world skill. I also want to thank you for making me a better therapist. You are a miracle worker and I hope someday to be able to offer a client of mine even half of what you’ve given me

I have been thinking of when we sit together more and more, and acknowledging how effective it, and you really are. I am grateful that I can really start to understand your wisdom and compassion and intelligence. You have helped me arrive to a point of self acceptance rather than rejection and denial. I appreciate your time, patience, wisdom and love.

Thank you for showing me how to love and accept myself. Thank you for guiding me through the toughest times. I'll always remember the warm and supportive place where I became stronger.

Thank you for changing my life and helping me discover the tools that I needed to succeed and be happy. I am grateful for everything you have done to help me.

I have learnt that we never really know other people, but to know and understand yourself has to be the key to everything. You have helped me so much and I am so grateful that you were my friend and listener each week.
I would recommend you without hesitation; you are a truly gifted listener.

Thank you so much for helping me move on with my life. I now feel truly prepared to meet the demands and joys of motherhood.

You have helped me connect so many dots and start to understand my feelings and worth. You truely are a very skilled and lovely person.

A huge thank you for being my guiding star and showing me the way to my happier and stronger future.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding over the past few months. I will carry these memories of how you helped me and how I've become the person I arrived to be.

Thank you for helping me re-discover myself and to accept myself for who I am. The support and encouragement you have given me over the years will stay with me for the rest of my life.

You have been a brilliant counsellor- giving so much time and care to our staff. Thank you. J. Hanson, The Guildhall, Kingston Council

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