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Initial Assessment
Initial Assessment
Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

I understand that seeing a therapist for the first time can cause some anxiety as to what is expected. This is very normal. I hope the following will give you some idea about what to expect during our first meeting.

The initial session is there to give you a feel of what psychotherapy involves. It provides an opportunity to talk about what it is you would like to resolve and to find out if therapy could be helpful for you. The session usually lasts for one hour.

Areas that are often covered may include a brief family history, current situation, relationships, medical or psychiatric history that may be relevant, suicidal thoughts and/or self harm, if any. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have before making a commitment.

The assessment will help clarify your issues to me and enable us to work together in establishing your goal in therapy. This is also a time in which we agree on the suitability for long or short-term therapy.

It is also a time for you to assess whether you would like to work with me. If you feel at all uncomfortable or find that this is not for you, then it may be worth looking around until you find what suits you. It is important that you feel genuinely comfortable.

If we agree to work together, a verbal contract will be made. An agreed time will then be set and sessions will take place at the same time every week and will last for 50 minutes.

All enquiries, assessments, as well as further sessions, are strictly confidential.

To book an assessment, please either telephone or email me. I will try and respond to you within 24 hours.

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